our story

Brother and sister duo Corsino and Jenny are hard-working parents. Corsino has a background in hospitality while Jenny in early child care. Since both becoming parents they have identified a huge gap in the market. While on a night out with his young family, Corsino and his partner weren’t made to feel very welcome at a restaurant because of their young child and pram. They both thought why do parents have to stop frequenting nice establishments because they have a young family? It was after that experience that Corsino and Jenny decided to create something where both parents and children can enjoy themselves and be made to feel very welcome! 

“Most current offerings are loud, rambunctious places, throbbing with loud music, bright colours and bad food offerings. We realised it didn’t have to be this way. We and our kids deserve better. The space doesn’t have to be condescendingly childish. Kids appreciate beautiful places as much as we do, and we wanted to break away from the parents being an afterthought.

Why not provide somewhere to catch up with friends, have a decent meal, a good coffee, even a drink, or knuckle down over the free Wi-Fi and hit that deadline with work whilst your kids have fun. We are all multi-tasking, time poor families these days so we wanted to embrace the whole family and community in one place.”

Provision for special events, pram spaces, change facilities, car parking, entertainment for the tweens, and live music for the adults means the whole family can relax. Having a grab and go offer at the exterior allows us to have a customer base who don’t utilise the play aspect of the venue, but love how we look and what we do, because we do it well.