Where is Jugar?

We are directly opposite the West End Primary School playground.


What is Jugar eat play drink?

Sarah.m.08 from Instagram articulated it best when describing Jugar.

“Had a great time today – it’s more restaurant with a side of playtime, than playtime with a side of food! And speaking of the food it was terrific”.

Jugar was designed for everyone! However, we do cater for individuals that have young families, or their support teams, who still want to enjoy a nice meal, coffee and licensed beverages. At Jugar we’re also finding it’s the perfect spot for groups where some have children and others don’t.  We (Jenny and Corsino) had a very social life before children but realised once they arrived the same places, we frequented no longer catered for us, or in some cases wanted us there. Hence the creation of Jugar!


Tell me more about the children’s area

Currently we are finding toddlers, to children around seven, are utilising the space most. The children’s area has a high tempo play section, with slides and climbing zones. It also has lower tempo activities where the children can play with toys, read books under the hut, or create their own “meals” in the café. As the space is quite large, we’re finding that guardians are also utilising the space, in quieter periods, for baby’s tummy time as well.

We have purposely constructed other parts of the venue for children of all ages however we have a maximum age limit of 7 in the play room. 

If you’re wanting more of an outdoor experience, we have specially designed an area where children can play with toys on the front lawn while adults can eat alfresco. The thinking for this space was for toddlers but its open to all ages, ask one of our friendly staff to move the umbrellas to ensure you have adequate shade. At Jugar we’re also finding that customers without children are maximising this space for their enjoyment as well.

Along the couches we designed this section for babies, there are foam mats where you can utilise our A-Frames for entertainment. These can be found in the play area and moved to wherever you see fit. We are currently working on a games area in the venue for the older children who don’t want to use the play area. Please utilise the toys provided as you see fit, thank you in advance for returning them.

There are times throughout the week where staff members will be in the space as well, with the aim to support play. Hopefully this will allow you to drink your coffee hot or enjoy yourself for an extended time. We are trying to use the same staff members, so the children feel comfortable in the space and don’t require so much of your supervision. As the space is brand new, we will be continually observing alternatives options to ensure everyone enjoys themselves.

The play area is cleaned daily, in some cases multiple times a day, dependent on the frequency of use. We do ask that all shoes are taken off, socks left on the children, and no food or drink inside. When leaving the play area, we do advise that footwear is worn as there is glass served in the restaurant. Hand sanitisers are provided for your convenience as well.


Do you have events spaces?

We do have two event rooms, which can hold up to 20 adults, and children, in each of the rooms. Both rooms have high ceilings and decorative features to add some character to the space. We’re mindful that some parties may want to create their own theme which is possible as well. Each of the events spaces have large windows which will allow you to see out to the play area and parts of the restaurant. Utilising this space for meetings is also an option as we can rotate the furniture for more adult friendly tables and chairs. Your imagination is the only prohibitor for what the events room can be. For any events enquiries check our website or email events@jugar.com.au


Is there a fee for the play area?

We do charge $5 per child on weekdays, and $7 on weekends for the play area. To come to a price, we have benchmarked ourselves along with similar facilities when coming to this decision, we hope you agree it’s worth it.  We have a family pass for $15, which is valid for every day of the week. There will be no charge for any kids that are part of an event, there will also be no charge for kids that don’t want to use the play area.  When you do arrive, we ask you to sign your children in and then out when you leave the restaurant.

Can I bring in outside food?

At Jugar, we offer a yummy selection of snack options available for your convenience. Outside food is not allowed in the centre with the exception of infant food and baby bottles. Special dietary requirements can be catered for by our kitchen team. Our food policy allows us to better control the food being consumed and ensure our premises are a healthy and safe environment for your family as well as those who suffer with severe food allergies. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Can I bring my own birthday/event cake?

Absolutely! We will happily store and assist to cut and plate your cake for your family/guests. There is a $5pp cakeage for adults in the restaurant. Maximum of $50

Do you have parking?

There are parks at the front of the building and down the side as well. West End does have a lot of off-street parking, in particular along Davies Park, all dependent on the days and time of the week.


Will you be hosting any special activities at Jugar?

We are currently working on a calendar where you can view what the upcoming activity is. In some cases, these will be specific to children and other times the adults. If you have any suggestions, please drop a note to jenny@jugar.com.au as we would be interested in hearing your thoughts.


What are your trading hours?

Monday to Thursday 7AM to 3PM.

Friday 8AM to 4PM

Saturday 7AM to 7PM

Sunday 8AM to 5PM

We are closed for the Monday Public Holiday 7th October

15% Surcharge applies on Public Holidays

Please note our Kitchen closes 30 minutes prior to the Venue.

As this is a new venue, we will continue to review the trading times to ensure everyone can enjoy the space. Feel free to let us know what hours you would prefer!


Do you take bookings?

The venue is large however we do take bookings for groups upwards of four adults. We strongly suggest bookings for the weekends as we get very busy. Email foh@jugar.com.au

If you’re wanting to secure a booking for Saturday or Sunday, be sure to get in touch at least 48 hours prior as we’re unable to take bookings on the day as its our busiest time.

Phone: 3844 3076